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Have you ever had a friend who was really good at something, and so kept having others come to her
for help? Maybe it was someone who was really good at fixing cars, so anytime the warning light
illuminated on people’s dash, or their brakes squeaked, they would run to this person. Or maybe it
was a friend who was really talented at interior design, and as a result, people would flock to him for
his advice on redecorating. When it came to writing and editing, I was that friend. My name is
Shelby Forbes-Seifert, PhD, and I am the founder of Rescue Edit. 

​Before I turned my passion for helping others with their writing into a business, I received my PhD
and master’s degree in communication from the University of South Florida, and my bachelor’s in
communication from Florida State University. I have extensive experience teaching at the college
level, having taught numerous written communication courses, as well as ESL courses for non-native
speakers. I was also heavily involved in the University of South Florida’s writing center, where I
helped anyone from pre-med students writing personal statements for med school, to professors
working on manuscripts for publication. I am a published author, and have performed copyediting
services for large corporations, such as the Imperial Sugar Company (maker of Dixie Crystal) and
The Farmers’ Almanac.

Today, Rescue Edit has grown to include a diverse team of extremely competent editors—professors,
authors, and highly educated individuals—all of whom share my passion for exceptional writing. Let
us show you what we can do for you.